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Hymenoplasty or virginity surgery is not a very new concept. For many years people from different parts and cultures of the world have undergone hymenoplasty. However, it is only until recently that many people came to know of this surgical procedure that restores the ruptured hymen.

The hymen is regarded as a sign of sexual purity or chastity in many different parts of the world and this is one of the major reasons as to why many women are seeking virginity surgery in Bangalore.

Hymenoplasty, just like any other kind of medical procedure might be wrongly understood or misinterpreted. Thus, in this section, we are going to identify all the key aspects about virginity surgery in Bangalore India that you ought to know.

To begin with, we look at the preparation for virginity surgery in Bangalore. When going for hymenoplasty surgery, there isn?t any special preparation that the woman should undertake. All you have to do is to call American Hospital Bangalore, speak to a doctor and book an appointment in good time.

Once at the hospital, the procedure will be conducted by highly qualified surgeons and everything will go on as planned. The whole process should take about an hour or so.

Many women are normally worried about the pain, but hymenoplasty procedure is usual under anaesthesia and so the patient experiences no pain at all. After the surgery you will also be given medication to manage the pain during recovery and to speed up the recovery process.

It normally takes between 3 to 7 days for patients to fully recover from this surgery. However, the surgery does not require the patient to be admitted in hospital and they can go home soon after the surgery.

Some patients may be able to resume normal duties immediately but it is advisable to keep off tasking physical activities that may strain the body. However, after full recovery in about 4 days, women who have undergone this procedure can go back to their normal lives.

Virginity surgery in Bangaloreis effective and affordable. When a woman first has sexual intercourse after the surgery, she will experience the pain of breaking virginity and there will be some bleeding. This is all normal and there is nothing to worry about.

American Hospital Bangalore is the place to be for the best hymenoplasty surgeries. We believe in excellence and thus we normally go out of the way to ensure that our patients get the best treatment at all times.

Our services do not compromise on the quality. You can simply get in touch with us by giving us a call during hospital hours and a doctor will be there to speak to you. We are always delighted to serve you in the most efficient and effective manner.

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