Is Hymenoplasty Immoral?

Many people and many cultures of the world believe that the hymen symbolizes a woman?s chastity and should thus be taken care with utmost respect. The hymen may not only be broken through sexual intercourse but also through a number of ways such as accidents, certain types of physical activities and use of tampons.

In such cases, the hymen could be restored back to its initial state by a simple surgical procedure known as hymenoplasty. Hymenoplasty surgery in Bangalore India is done by a team of experts who are well trained and fully qualified to ensure that you are treated in the best possible way. These surgeons at American Hospital Bangalore have got the experience and expertise to be able to carry out the best hymenoplasty procedure.

Hymenoplasty is more of a person?s or rather a woman?s choice rather than a question of morality. However, there are cultures that require women to be virgins before marriage, as this carries honour not only for the woman getting married but the whole family. Thus, women are keen to maintain the honour of their family by ensuring that they are virgins by the time they get married.

Nonetheless, the loss of virginity might be unavoidable sometimes such as in the case of an accident or certain types of physical activities. In such instances hymenoplasty surgery in Bangalore will come in handy.

Here at American Hospital Bangalore we maintain the highest level of patient confidentiality, meaning that your personal details cannot be shared with anyone without your consent. This way, you can have hymenoplasty surgery in Bangalore in private without having any worries.

Hymenoplasty is an innovative medical procedure that is gaining popularity all over the world. This procedure is short, simple and effective.

The hymenoplasty procedure can be highly recommended among others, to the following types of people:

1. Women whose cultures and society consider the hymen as proof of virginity – Getting married as a virgin from such cultures is a big deal and women have to fulfil this condition in order to be accepted in marriage and in the society in general. Therefore it is important to undergo hymenoplasty surgery under such circumstances in order to fulfil the conditions of marriage.

2. Women who ruptured the hymen over the course of their lives – As mentioned earlier, there are several ways through which the hymen can be broken and not only through sexual intercourse. If a woman ruptured her hymen through any of these ways, then, she can have hymenoplasty surgery to restore the hymen.

3. Victims of sexual assault – A woman who lost her virginity through rape or sexual assault would be able to restore the hymen through hymenoplasty. Rape is a criminal offense which is not only traumatising to women but also poses great health risks. One way to heal through the trauma of rape or sexual assault is by having hymenoplasty surgery in Bangalore which will be able to restore back the hymen.

We are in no position to advice on the question of morality of hymenoplasty but we rather believe in the freedom of choice and a woman can have this procedure at her own discretion.