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Multi-Speciality Hospital with Innovative and Personalized Medical Service

Hymenoplasty in American Hospital Bangalore

American Hospital Bangalore is a boutique medical facility that has been at the pinnacle of healthcare in India. We have been in operation for over three decades and through the years we have established the best medical care and gained the best experience in dealing with patients.

Our staff is friendly and helpful in any way needed making us more than just a hospital for the patients but more of a family with our patients.

It has taken years and hard work to be able to build such a world class facility offering excellent and personalized medical care. We have been able to perfect some aspects of our services as well as infrastructure in order to be able to deal with modern day health challenges.

Through experience, we have also been able to establish what best suits our patients and we thus only offer what is best for you. Some of the main or key pillars of the hospital include the following:

  • Our Staff – First of all, the hospital is equipped with a sufficient number of staff that include surgeons, doctors, nurses, lab assistants, pharmacists and other support staff. This way we are able to ensure that each and every patient is adequately served and there is no time that you would lack assistance due to few personnel.
    We employ only the best doctors, surgeons and nurses in India. The doctors and surgeons that we have in the hospital have a minimum of 20 years of experience. On top of this, these doctors and surgeons have been trained in top medical schools and universities across the globe. To further boost their competence, we organise regular seminars and workshops on emerging medical issues to help boost their knowledge and sharpen their skills.
    On the other hand, the nurses we have, have a minimum of seven years of experience. They are the best that you can get in the country and they fully understand the needs of the patients.
    We also have other support staff who include administrators, technicians, cleaners, among others. All these people have been working at American Hospital Bangalore branches for about two decades and they are all very supportive and experienced. They are the ones that keep things running smoothly so that our patients can get the best services.
  • Equipment – It is impossible to offer top notch medical services if you do not have the most advanced medical equipment. It is for this reason that we have invested in state of the art medical equipment. The kind of machines found at American Hospital Bangalore can be found in world?s best hospitals in Europe and the United States.
    We always strive to keep with the latest technological development in the medical equipment sector and this way we have been able to offer what is most suitable to our patients at all times.
  • Same Day Procedure – Hymenoplasty in Bangalore does not require admission and overnight stay at the hospital. This also applies to international patients who travel from countries such as in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.
    Once you have spoken to our doctors you can book hymenoplasty surgery in Bangalore in advance so that you can be served as soon as you arrive in the country. It is possible for patients to arrive in the country in the morning, have the procedure and leave later on in the evening.
  • Post-Surgery Services – Surgery of any kind needs utmost care and supervision. When you undergo hymenoplasty surgery in Bangalore we ensure that we monitor and closely supervise until you have fully recovered.
    Our doctors and surgeons will follow up on each and every detail just to make sure that you are well. We have post-surgery plan which ensures that you heal as soon and as fast as possible.
  • Quality Medical Services – We always prioritise quality. For this reason, we always ensure that we offer the best quality services to our patients. Nonetheless hymenoplasty surgery in Bangalore is very affordable and that is why we remain the number one choice for hymenoplasty services across Bangalore, India and Asia at large.

American Hospital Bangalore is all that you need when you want quality but affordable medical care. We are driven by customer satisfaction and we always working to ensure that our patients are well treated and recover as soon as possible.

Our doctors are available for consultation between 8 am and 7 pm and all that is required of you is to call us at your own convenience. We look forward to serving you!