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Hymenoplasty in Bangalore, India

More ladies are looking for Hymenoplasty, or reproduction of the hymen, for an assortment of reasons. Hymenoplasty is really the surgical repair of the hymen, a film that halfway shuts the opening of the vagina. In numerous societies, an in place hymen is generally taken to demonstrate that the lady is still a virgin.

The hymen may tear due to varied reasons apart from intercourse. These include spirited exercising, insertion of tampons or accidents. Women who lose their virginity in such ways may seek to have their hymen repaired, or rather reconstructed. Hymenoplasty in Bangalore, India, will accomplish this task.

Utilizing a surgical system, the surgeon assembles back the torn edges of the hymen. After a successful operation, there is no evident scarring and the hymen seems in place to the obvious eye. After this kind of hymen surgery and without inconvenience, any ensuing intercourse will normally tear the film bringing on bleeding.

Hymenoplasty was one mystery some people knew was done quietly and confidentially. They’d whisper the locations of specialists performing the operation to young ladies quick to recover their virginity weeks before their marital night.

The revirgination procedure is growing exponentially today. This is uplifting news for young ladies who have had premarital sexual encounters and for some reasons didn’t wed their partners, as it is for the individuals who tore their hymen by accident.

Influenced or constrained into assurance to be wedded, they fear the wedding night. In a general society where sex before marriage is a taboo and family respect is seen to lie in the intact hymen of the girl to be wed, virginity surgery in Bangalore India is a blessing to many young women.

Hymenoplasty surgeryin Bangalore offers ladies an opportunity to overcome whatever their past may be, via a reproduced hymen.

There are numerous reasons why a lady might seriously mull over undertaking a revirgination surgery also known as virginity surgery or hymenoplasty.

Some of the explanations behind having hymenoplasty include

  • Cultural, Social or Religious Causes – In a few societies, having an in place hymen is extremely critical as it goes about as a signifier of the celibacy of a lady. Whether amid sexual action or several other causes, a lady’s hymen can rupture. Having hymen restoration surgery to reestablish the hymen is a method for demonstrating virginity and virtuousness.
  • Harm to the Hymen – Many ladies prioritize having an in place hymen that gets to be broken amid the first sexual ordeal, and this is very important to them. A lady can lose the hymen in many other different ways besides sexual intercourse.
    Utilization of tampons and extreme exercising would all be able to rupture the hymen, and on account of a hymen being lost in such circumstances, hymenoplasty in Bangalore offers a safe and effective solution.
  • Revirgination – A lady may be going into a new relationship and as much as she wishes to prove her chastity, she may have lost her virginity in the previous relationship(s). Revirgination in Bangalore will restore her ruptured hymen in a safe way.
  • Mental Recuperation – On the off chance that a lady has endured sexual assault or abuse, it is probable that her hymen will have ruptured. As an approach to repair the mental harm of this sort of sexual abuse, ladies may choose to have revirgination surgery to reestablish them both physically and psychologically to the time before the sexual abuse.

Whatever the reason for wanting hymenoplasty, the procedure is a safe one when it is carried out by experienced surgeons. Our surgeons have immense experience in hymenoplasty, having carried out many successful operations on hopeful ladies.

For your virginity surgery in Bangalore, we provide a caring, comfortable, convenient and supportive environment for the surgery.

Call +91 934 382 6182 or +91 900 849 2277 and speak to a doctor about hymenoplasty in Bangalore.

Hymenoplasty options

Given that hymen reclamation is something you’re interested in, there are three particular procedures you might be requested to look over:

  • Simple sewing of the hymen that has recently got ruptured. This will apply to ladies who are trying to find closure after a sexual incident, or those who have accidentally broken their hymen and want it repaired as fast as possible.
  • The second alternative is making a bloodless membrane that can have artificial blood incorporated. This is called Alloplant. This method usually works for ladies who are in search of a quick fix and is usually done to ladies days before their wedding night.
  • A third alternative is a totally new hymen from the coating of the vagina, a process called vaginoplasty. This has a more drawn out recuperation period in spite of the fact that it includes a genuine blood supply.

What to expect for hymenoplasty surgery

An ideal approach to figure out whether a hymenoplasty surgery in Bangalore procedure will give the outcomes you are searching for is to contact us over a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION with a doctor.
You will have a chance to examine your objectives and assumptions about the procedure with the specialist as well as ask your questions.

Some of the things that our specialist will do are:

  • Audit your medicinal history and any drugs you are taking.
  • Talk about the surgery and any related methods.
  • Give proposals in view of your needs and objectives.

The specialist will listen to your necessities, desires and your coveted result from the hymenoplasty. He will talk about the technique with you, and answer any inquiries you may have.

Before the operation

From your point of view, everything begins with the initial discussion. This is generally sufficiently simple to do via the phone call to our doctor. Amid the consultation, you’ll be educated of your alternatives and the specialist will work with you to guarantee that you’re picking the best technique for your circumstance.

Once that has been settled, you’ll then need to do a simple physical exam and additionally a gynecological exam.

The operation

When you come to our hymenoplasty hospital in Bangalore for your revirgination, you’re in great hands from the first go. You’ll be set under anesthesia to guarantee that the operation is painless from beginning to end. Once the specialist sees that you’re prepared, he or she will carry out the operation.


This is a simple outpatient surgery. This is great news for ladies who have tight schedules as they can go right back to their tight timetables. This means you won’t need to spend the night at the hospital or anything like that.

The Recovery Process

The hymenoplasty surgery is a short procedure (takes about 30 minutes)and the recovery process is similarly quick. You may encounter some spotting for the initial 48 ? 72 hours. Discomfort over the next few days after the procedure can easily be managed with pain medication.

Patients have healed as early as 3 days, with the latest healing after 6 weeks. You can for the most part go home a brief span after your surgery, however resting and unwinding is imperative.

Ensuring your hymen protection after surgery is pivotal, as it will require significant time to mend.

Hymenoplasty has its own particular recuperation conventions, which include:

  • Keep away from sex: Sexual intercourse will worsen any agony and soreness, so you will need to avoid any penetrating sexual activity for around 4 weeks.
  • Refrain from wearing tight clothing: Don’t wear clothing like thongs for upto 2 weeks after surgery.
  • Use sanitary towels as opposed to tampons after the operation.


After you’ve recuperated, your hymen will be in the very same situation that it was in beforeits breaking.

When you engage in sexual intercourse, the hymen will break. You can thus expect some amount of bleeding.

Which ladies are candidates for the Hymenoplasty procedure?

The best applicants for the revirgination surgery are healthy ladies with sensible assumptions about the process. Hymen repair and reproduction furnishes a lady with the presence of virginity, or fulfills religious or social prerequisites.

Who Normally Gets This Done?

So what sort of patients does a hymenoplasty clinic typically see? All things considered, pretty much everyone. There are:

  • Ladies who have lost their hymen because of one reason or the other.
  • Ladies who are from societies or ethnic foundations that consider in place hymens as confirmation of virginity.
  • Ladies who are going to get married.
  • Ladies who need to feel youthful once more.
  • Ladies with kids and desire to surprise their husbands or significant others.
  • Casualties of sexual assault.

Ladies having the hymenoplasty procedure for revirgination ought to have it performed preferably within less than 6 weeks following the day of their planned intercourse.

Advantages of Hymenoplasty

  • Sexual Satisfaction -?Hymenoplasty can increment sexual fulfillment, as this technique additionally fixes the vaginal wall. In the wake of having kids, the vaginal walls enlarge, which gives a loose, unfulfilling feeling during sex.

Numerous ladies select a revirgination surgery in Bangalore keeping in mind the end goal to restore their sex lives and expand sensation amid intercourse.

  • Tightens up the hymen.
  • Upon the successful repair of the hymen, the lady will have the capacity to feel fuller amid sex.
  • Higher plausibility of lady reaching an orgasm amid sex.
  • Improves sexual delight.
  • Reestablished Virginity.

Hymenoplasty can likewise go about as a type of restraint from sex. This is on the grounds that you can’t enjoy sex quickly in the wake of experiencing the hymenoplasty. When you do take part in sex after the methodology, you will encounter the same feeling as though it was your first time.

  • Marriage -?On the off chance that you decide on the surgery for ethnic, religious or social reasons, then Hymenoplasty can reestablish you physically and in addition give you true serenity. It is viewed as a disgrace in a few societies to not be a virgin during the wedding night.
    If you fall into this class and need to save your life partner and family any disrespect, then you may choose to do a Hymenoplasty. Subsequent to engaging in sexual relations with your life partner after the method, there will be some resistance and most probable than not, bleeding, which is an indication of virginity.
  • Sexual Assault -?Hymenoplasty is an approach to reestablish what was unrightly taken from you, if you happen to be a victim of sexual assault. Particularly in the event that you need to stay a virgin until the wedding night, or even just to spare the ‘first-time feeling’ for someone you pick, then this might be the best technique for you.

  • Procedure is speedy and almost painless.
  • Health Benefits

Hymenoplasty likewise helps in boosting physical wellbeing. This is on account of the fundamental capacity of the hymen to shield the passageway of the vagina from things, for example, germs, dirt and microscopic organisms. It likewise advances better blood flow in the vagina.

Getting a Hymenoplasty has numerous advantages for a lady. There are practically no reactions or difficulties with this technique given that it is performed legitimately by an experienced hymenoplasty surgeon. Counsel with your specialist about any worries you may have.

Risks associated with hymenoplasty

All surgeries have their levels of risk. The individual might be at danger of getting some sort of contamination, or be subjected to long bleeding hours.

Furthermore, there might be some reactions caused by the anesthesia. In any case, these dangers are connected with general surgery as a rule and the hymenoplasty surgery is considered safe. Complexities emerging from the range of hymen repair are slim to none.

There might be an uncommon event when a lady may experience what is known as stricture. Stricture implies the repair was exaggerated, making the opening excessively slender. This is a transient issue on the grounds that with standard sexual action, the opening will return to ordinary.

Nonetheless, it is recommended that after this operation, a lady ought to refrain from penetrative sexual exercises for a specific timeframe which will be explained by our specialist.

Our hymenoplasty surgeon is highly experienced having performed several revirgination surgeries and will remove any possible risks associated with a surgery.

Some of the possible side effects include:

  • Dizziness – Nausea and retching might be experienced, as a symptom of the Anesthesia which is noted to be reduced when its impact wears off. Dizziness will diminish and wear off over time.
  • Excess bleeding after the procedure – The surgery usually uses tiny dissolving suture for the stitching job. The said suture may cause postoperative problems like bleeding from the surgical injury.
    This is however very rare and is seen in about 1 in 100 patients. After the procedure, it is advised to steer clear of anti-coagulant drugs like aspirin for 10 days prior and after the operation.
    When you follow the after-care advice of our experienced hymenoplasty surgeon, bleeding will stop.
  • Pain – As the anesthetic wears off, pain around the hymen area might be felt. This pain can be relieved by using pain medication prescribed by our surgeon. Infrequently, you may encounter irritation, aggravation or strain around the hymen area.
    You ought to relax and monitor the side effects and ought to cease from any heavy lifting since it might bring about reanimation of the surgical wound and cause agony. On the off chance that you encounter more pain, contact our doctor for more advice and she will offer the right remedies to remove pain.
  • Inflammation or disease after the Hymenoplasty – After the procedure, irritation or inflammation of the surgical wound may follow. This may be because the wound is in the opening of the vagina, where there is possible threat of contamination from the urinary tract, the vaginal discharges or the alimentary tract.
    Inflammation or contamination of the operated area may happen to any ladies who neglect to carefully follow the guidelines, interpret the instructions inaccurately or have existing maladies, for example, diabetes or have vaginal disease before the surgery.
    Carefully follow the guidelines of our surgeon to prevent any inflammation after hymenoplasty.
  • Excess vaginal discharge – Surgeons will prescribe antibiotics after the procedure so as to avoid infection, and the antibiotics may cause vaginal fungi. The vaginal fungi may cause vaginal release or curd like release. Taking the anti-fungal medication prescribed by our surgeon can quickly solve the problem.
  • Less than satisfactory results after the Hymenoplasty –
    This strategy may bring about fragmented/incomplete rebuilding of the hymen ring contingent upon the lady’s previous hymen structure. Since the hymen is delicate, it is impractical to expect the hymen ring to always be completely fixed. The surgery then requires Perineoplasty to get a more agreeable Hymenoplasty outcome.
    The Hymenoplasty has constraints on the grounds that there are numerous different components impacting the surgical result and fulfillment. If there should be an occurrence of inadmissible results, adjustment surgery might be executed as appropriate and conceivable.
    Our highly experienced hymenoplasty surgeon has several years experience of having performed hundreds of hymenoplasty surgeries where the chances of less than satisfactory results on the first surgery are unlikely.

Why choose American Hospital Bangalore for your Hymenoplasty operation

  • Over 30 years of experience and top doctors from all over the world.
  • Very-well equipped theatres for the hymenoplasty operation.
  • Senior surgeons who cannot go wrong in a hymenoplasty operation.
  • One on one interaction between the doctor and the patient.
  • A comfortable, caring, convenient and relaxing environment.
  • FREE patient discussion call with the doctor.

Some intriguing facts about the hymen

  • 99.9% of women have their hymens form while they are still an embryo. This implies 1 in 1000 ladies don’t form a hymen.
  • 44% of ladies don’t experience bleeding during their first sexual intercourse.
  • Research demonstrates that numerous young men from South Asian, Mediterranean, East Asian and African nations place extensive significance on their spouses being a virgin on their wedding nights.
  • 40% of the young women argue that it is out of line that this only applies to the women.
  • 89% of ladies from South Asian nations want to bleed on the night of their wedding out of honor for their folks or from trepidation of discipline or denial.

Hymenoplasty Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best hospital for hymenoplasty in Bangalore?
For hymenoplasty in Bangalore India, American Hospital Bangalore is trusted far and wide. It has carried out many successful hymenoplasty operations in India.

2. Are there any possible side effects from hymenoplasty?
Hymenoplasty seldom has any side effects, but as with all surgical operations, some risk is present. Such risks include bleeding and infection, as well as overstitching of the hymen such that it becomes very tight.
Hymenoplasty in Bangalore, at the Bangalore american hospital, is safe and all caution is taken to eliminate risks involved.

3. What are the hymenoplasty possibilities in Bangalore?
American Hospital Bangalore offers the best hymenoplasty surgery options in Bangalore. Call +91 934 382 6182 or +91 900 849 2277 and book an appointment.

4. Is the operation painful?
Anesthetics are used during the procedure to ensure that the operation is painless. Any post-operation pain is handled using the prescribed pain killing medication and antibiotics are used to ensure there is no infection of inflammation.

5. How long does the operation take?
There are various types of hymenoplasty, namely vaginaplasty, Alloplant, and the simple sewing of the hymen. The former has several steps and can take up to two hours. The other two are relatively simple and take between 30 to 45 minutes.

6. How soon can I resume my daily activities?
Hymenoplasty is considered an outpatient surgery and you can get back to your usual activities or your office work by the next day. Heavy work or lifting is however discouraged until completely healed. You should also refrain from sexual intercourse for the next four weeks after the operation.

7. What is the cost of hymenoplasty in Bangalore
The cost of virginity surgery in Bangalorevaries depending on the patients? specific needs, medical background, the skill and experience of the surgeon performing the surgery as well as the post operation care.
The high quality of a properly done surgery should not be compromised in any way as the long term cost of a poorly done surgery is much higher than any short term cost savings incurred before the surgery.
We highly recommend you to contact our hospital to discuss your surgery needs and avail of the best quality hymenoplasty surgery offered anywhere in the world.

8. Is there scarring after the surgery?
There is no scarring and to the naked eye, there is no difference from the normal vagina with a hymen. The material used for stitching dissolves and becomes part of the body, leaving no trace of the operation.

9. What anesthesia is normally used for the Hymenoplasty procedure?
Spinal anesthesia, local anesthesia and general anesthesia maybe used depending on the patients? needs.

10. Can I combine other vaginal surgeries with Hymenoplasty? Which others?
Some clients want a complete makeover and ask to combine surgeries. Operations such as G-spot augmentation and labia reduction can also be done depending on patient requirements.

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